Scuba Junkie and Environment

Scuba Junkie and the Environment

Scuba Junkie was set up by divers who had and still have, a love and dedication to the marine and terrestrial environment and through the years have tried to set up and run many projects and build an Eco-friendly resort containing green waste systems, solar energy, the use of only biodegradable cleaning products and plastics and sticking to proper and responsible dive practices etc, so that this beautiful area can be preserved for future generations and that the people of Sabah can thrive from the increased economy brought about by sensible, sustainable Eco-tourism.

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Scuba Junkie and Environment

With a full time head Marine Biologist Richard Owen, an Environmental Officer and Shark conservationist, Rohan Perkins (who have been working in SE Asia for the last 10 years) along with other full time marine biologists and a dedicated committed staff base we hope these projects will thrive in the future and become an example for the local communities and their future generations.

We at Scuba Junkie look forward to sharing with you some of our Environmental Projects when you come and visit, and if you want you can even help to get involved! We look forward to diving and helping save the environment with you soon :-)

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