Diving Map
Diving Map

Scuba Junkie Organizes Daily Dive Trips To More Than
10 Islands and 50+ Dive Sites in the South China Sea

The Triangle Between Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines is one of the most biodiverse marine habitats in the world. Strong ocean currents, deep sea trenches and sea mounts, combined with active volcanic islands have created a complex oceanographic environment that is a paradise for divers. The beauty of this region lies in itʼs diversity. The dive spots and marine life vary from island to island and we recommend every visitor dive at least a few of them in order to fully appreciate what this area has to offer, from Turtles and Orangutang Crabs, to Sea horses and Whale Sharks. This area has something for all divers and snorkelers. Based in Kota Kinabalu, Scuba Junkie KK, is an Award Winning PADI 5 Star Center, with years of experience and whoʼs friendly multi lingual staff look forward to welcoming you to come and dive this amazing divers paradise.

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Whaleshark Pygmy cuttlefish Barracudas Stingray

The Diving

Most people come for the world famous KK Marine Park (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park) which features 5 amazing islands including Gaya Island and Sapi Island. This famous marine park has been a marine park for more than 40 years, and its marine life is carefully monitored and protected by Sabah Parks. As a result this area is home to thousands of schooling fish, pristine coral reefs, unusual critters such as sea horses, frogfish and octopus as well as Turtles, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Rays and during the season even Whale Sharks come and visit. This Marine park is ideal for all types of divers from beginners to the most experienced of Instructors. Around every corner of every reef there is a hidden gem waiting to divers to discover... During the surface interval or if you are non diver we can take you to one of the parks beautiful Islands. The islands are some of the most beautiful in Sabah with pristine white beaches, coconut palm trees, and azure blue waters. There is something here to meet every divers and snorkelers tastes

As you already know the KK Marine Park is a Marine park that is protected and monitored by Sabah Parks for more than 40 years. In order to enter the park all divers and non divers must apply for a permit . Scuba Junkie is a licensed tour operator by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and we are also licensed with Sabah Parks to bring tourists into the KK Marine Park and as such can guarantee you a permit if you book ahead of time. All we need is your full name, nationality and passport number and we will do the rest!

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Daily Schedule

Our state of the art speed boats departs daily at 8:30am from the Jesselton Jetty and by 9:30am you will be suiting up and performing buddy checks for the first dive of the day. All our dives are guided by experienced dive professionals (PADI) who will ensure that your dive is safe, fun, and that you will see as many of the exciting marine species in the area as possible. Two morning dives are followed by a relaxing lunch on one of the Islands, while enjoying the tropical paradise. The third and final dive of the day takes place after everyone has had enough time to digest lunch, usually around 2pm. After the third dive our speedboats safely shuttle you back to Kota Kinabalu, while you enjoy the views of the Islands and Mt. Kinabalu while discussing the marvels that you have just seen with your dive guide and dive buddies

Daily Diving & Snorkeling Prices


We recommend that everyone coming to Kota Kinabalu book ahead in order to guarantee space on the boat for the KK Marine Park and other islands. Because the KK Marine Park is a protected marine reserve, permits are required in order to visit the islands. We usually need at least a day to secure a permit for you. The other islands do not require permits but we are busy yearround so it’s worth booking ahead if you’re on a schedule. If you plan on diving for a few days, we strongly recommend doing a couple of days at a few different islands as each island has its own unique marine life and this way you will see the most that this amazing area has to offer.

We realize that Kota Kinabalu is becoming well known on the backpacker circuit, and we pride ourselves in catering to travelers arriving on short notice from Sandakan, Semporna, and elsewhere. If you show up unannounced, we can most likely get you on the boat if you’re willing to wait a few days. That being said, the only way we can guarantee you a space on the boats is by letting us know you’re coming

Our Diving Rates

Included are:

  • Dive equipment
  • Dive guide
  • Lunch
  • Diver Park Fee
  • Entrance Fee
  • Jetty & Admin Fee
Destination Rate
2 DIVES KK Marine Park RM 280
3 DIVES KK Marine Park RM 330
3 DIVES Whale Shark RM 330
2 Dives Sunset/Night Dive RM 280
3 DIVES Pulau Tiga/Snake Island Marine Park ENQUIRE
Snorkel Trip KK Marine Park RM 130
Snorkel Trip Pulau Tiga/Snake Island Marine Park ENQUIRE
Camera Rental RM 100

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